Adding a Shared Mailbox on iOS

  1. Create shared mailbox in Microsoft Admin Panel and give the user membership to the shared mailbox 
  2. Go to iPhone Settings –“Passwords & Accounts”– “Add Account” 
  3. Choose “Other”
  4. Choose “Add Mail Account”
  5. On this screen input the following:
    Type the “Name” of the mailbox (Can be anything) 
    “Email” (The full shared mailbox email address) 
    “Password” (User’s Microsoft password) 
    “Description” (What the mailbox shows up as in the mail app) 

    Then click “Next” 
  1. On the next screen input the following:

    Under the section “INCOMING MAIL SERVER” enter: 
    “Host Name”: 
    “Username:” (User’s full email address + “\” + shared mailbox email address WITHOUT domain) ie:\sharedmailbox 
    “Password:” (User’s Microsoft password) 

    Under the sections “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER” enter: 
    “Host Name”: 
    “Username”: (User’s full email address) 
    “Password”: (User’s Microsoft password) 

    Then click “Next” 
  1. You have successfully added the shared mailbox on iOS, go to the native mail app and it will appear under “Mailboxes”
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