Delete a Signature

1. Open an Adobe Acrobat document.  

2. In the top left corner click “tools.” 

3. Under Forms & Signatures, click on “Add” Certificates then click “Open.” 

4. Select “Digitally sign” on the top toolbar.

5. Draw a box on the line where you need to place the signature. 

6. Wait for the “Sign Document” pop-up box to appear.

7. From the “Sign As:” click on the drop down arrow and select “New” ID.

8. A new screen will appear. Select “My existing digital ID from: A file” and click “Next.”

9. Next to “File Name,” click the “Browse…” button. 

10. Select the Digital ID file you would like to remove. 

11. Then click the “Delete” button on your keyboard. Next, click cancel or the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the Window. 

12. Now the signature is completely deleted from Adobe Acrobat.

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