Create Digital Signature

 1. Open a PDF document that needs to be signed.  


 2. At the top under view, click Tools 


 3. Click Add certificates.  


 4. It will redirect you to the PDF you were working on. 


 5. Click on Digitally Sign 


 6. Using your cursor create a box in the area where you would like the seal to be placed.  


 7. Under Sign with a Digital ID, click on Configure New Digital ID 


 8. Under Configure a Digital ID for signing, click on ‘Create a new Digital ID’. Next, click Continue. 


 9. Under ‘Create a self-signed Digital ID’ fill in the following information that is in a red box. Next, click Continue 


 10. Under ‘Select the destination of the new Digital ID,’ select ‘Save to File’. Next, click Continue 


 11. For each digital signature you will need to use a pin or password. You must save the pin or password in your records for future use. Next, click save 


 12. Select the digital signature you would like to use. In this example, we will select John Doe.  


 13. Next to Appearance click the drop down arrow. Click Standard Text, then click Create 


 14. A new screen will appear. In the top center, click Image. Under Include Text, check the following boxes: Name, Date, Distinguished Name, Logo, and Labels. Next, click Browse. 


 15. Now, click save. 


 16. If everything appears correct, enter your ‘Digital signature’s pin or password then click sign 


 17. A new screen will appear. Save this file under a different name. Next, click save. 


 18. Congrats! You have created your first signature.  



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