Sync SharePoint Calendar with Outlook

I will now walk you through the steps on How to Sync a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook. Same steps would apply when you want to sync other SharePoint web parts to Outlook (contacts, tasks, etc.)

-  Navigate to the web part you want to sync to Outlook

-  Click on the tab above to open additional commands

Click on Connect to Outlook button

The pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm the sync. Click Allow

-  Your list will now sync to your Outlook

Below you can see an image of how synchronized SharePoint Calendar looks in Outlook. It actually appears side-by-side next to Personal Calendar. When you synchronize other lists like Contacts and tasks, same logic will apply: your SharePoint Tasks will appear next to your Personal Tasks, same with Contacts, there will be 2 lists – Personal and synchronized from SharePoint.

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