Configure Exchange on Android Device

  1. Click the Settings button

  2. Within Settings click the Accounts

  3. Then click the Add account

  4. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    NOTE: (Your device may say Exchange or ActiveSync)

  5. Enter your mail address and password. Then click Next.

    The server will attempt to discover your account information and check your incoming server settings automatically.

  6. The Remote security administration box will appear, indicating that the server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device. Tap OK.

  7. In the Sync settings, you can select the time period to sync your email, calendar, and what items to sync (Contacts, Calendars, or Tasks).  Make sure the option Notify me when email arrives is checked. Then tap Next.

  8. On the next screen, click Activate

  9. Enter an account name for the mailbox. Then click Next.

Now, go to the Email app, and look for your newly created email account. Your email may take a few minutes to update and sync to your Android device.

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