MAC Remote Desktop Setup

Downloading and Installing Remote Desktop Connection Client

In order to access the Netplexity ASP Hosting Servers, you will need to download the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac OS X or Microsoft RD To install the Remote Desktop Connection client, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft on the download page.

Figure 1: Remote Desktop Connection icon



Configuring the Remote Desktop Connection Client

First start the Remote Desktop Connection client (or RDC) that you previously installed by clicking on its icon (Figure 1).

After you start the RDC, it will ask you to accept a EULA. Click Accept. Next, it will ask you to register with Microsoft. Click Register Later. The program will now start, shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: The RDC

There are several options in the RDC which you will want to configure before you connect, such as screen size, the availability of your local drives, and your connection speed. To set these options, click the word Options in the main RDC window (Figure 2).

Set the Computer selection to connect to:
Please contact Support for your remote server address)

Setting the Size of the Remote Desktop

Figure 3: RDC Options

The RDC can display the VCL machine full screen or in a window.

To set the screen size of the remote desktop, click (1) the Display tab, then (2) choose your screen size, and (3) the number of colors you wish to use. If you are using a slower network connection (such as 56K dial-up), using a smaller desktop size and fewer colors will improve your performance.

Accessing Sound, Local Drives, and Printers

Click the Local Resources tab (Figure 4).

You can choose whether you wish to hear sounds from the remote computer in the Remote Computer Sound box.

By selecting the Disk Drives or Printers check box, you can choose to be able to access your disk drives and printers from the remote machine. If these check boxes are selected, any disk drives or printers attached to your local Macintosh will be accessible on the remote servers as if they were actually attached to the servers.

Figure 4: Local Resources

Setting Connection Speed

Click the Performance tab (Figure 5).

The Performance tab allows you to optimize the RDC for your connection speed. Set your connection speed in the drop down box at the top of the window. The five check boxes below the connection speed box are fine left to their default setting.

Figure 5: Performance

Connect to the Cloud Vision Hosted Remote Desktop Servers

To connect, type the IP address that you received via email into the box labeled Computer: and then click the Connect button.

The Windows 2008 login screen will now appear either full screen or windowed, depending on how you configured your RDC client. Type your Unity ID in the User Name field and type the password you received via email in the Password field, then click Ok. (Figure 6)

Figure 6: Windows 2008 /2012 Login



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